Hi, I'm Sohailla (rhymes with Layla)... the RD on Your Team.

As an RD (registered dietitian), I'm here to be a voice of reason among the many pressures and fads

so you can make confident, informed, and healthy decisions despite the competing messages.

Feeling content with your choices and confident in your body requires you to rise above fads and live strategically, intentionally aligning your actions with your true priorities.

It can be daunting at first, but I've helped thousands of others and I'm ready to help you, too!

Select from one of the 3 services below:

Looking for a high-energy speaker with lots of practical takeaways? (online or in person)

Do your clients need more in order to see results? Done-for-you nutrition to the rescue!

Need energy and confidence, and a plan with expert support to get there?

Sohailla’s lifelong passion for health and fitness led her to become a fitness instructor when she was a teenager, then a registered dietitian, and eventually to author 4 books and become an international speaker.

Though her high energy level is the first thing you’ll notice, she is known as a voice of reason – helping enterprising health professionals and fitness enthusiasts hone their personal priorities amidst the fads and pressures of our current culture.

Sohailla knows what it means to strive for health and work-life satisfaction as business owner and mom of 3 teenagers: 2 biological boys and a determined diva she and her husband adopted from China. 

She’s a devoted wife to the fella that asked her to the Senior Prom. (She said no to prom, but married him 5 years later – about 25 years ago now.) Together they host the annual Trot to Adopt 5K fundraiser that has raised about a half-a-million dollars to help families remove the cost barrier of adoption: bringing over 30 orphans home to their forever families so far.