You want better health and a fulfilling life.

You know exactly what to do...

but are you doing it?

Hey, I’m Sohailla (rhymes with Layla). I believe there's no better time than the present to identify your ideal lifestyle and channel your energy on your true priorities.

Don’t wait to start strategically savoring life. Show up as your best self, full of energy and purpose, regardless of whether you’re at work or at play.

My message comes from my experiences as a missionary kid overseas in a large family, my struggles as a perfectionist in young adulthood, and 2-and-half decades of lessons learned running my business in the health and fitness industry.

I know what it means to strive for work-life balance as a mom of 3 teenagers: 2 biological boys and 1 determined diva my husband and I adopted from China.

As an entrepreneur juggling a busy family and big dreams, I want to share the secrets I’ve uncovered so you can align your goals and actions with your vision for a fulfilling life without regret.

My lifelong passion for health and fitness led me to become a fitness instructor as a teenager, then a registered dietitian, and eventually to author 4 books and become an international speaker.

Though my high energy level is the first thing you’ll notice, my greatest compliment as a speaker is being known as a voice of reason – helping enterprising health professionals and fitness enthusiasts hone their personal priorities amidst the fads and pressures of our current culture.

“Sohailla is a fantastic presenter. Her conversational style, combined with her wit and wisdom, make listening to and learning from her easy. We have had her return to speak several times now. She is not intimidated by the tech aspect of speaking virtually and is a pleasure to work with. A true professional, her presentations have drawn some of our largest audiences.”.

Jack Graham

Director of Continuing Education Today's Dietitian, PA

Stilettos, Sneakers, and Slippers:

Create Work-Life Satisfaction

As a go-getter working in the health and fitness space, you know exactly what to do…but sometimes it’s hard to make it happen yourself.

Forgoing self-care, falling behind on important home duties, and neglecting fulfilling relationships could be undermining your personal potential.

Don’t keep waiting to catch a break: take this opportunity to set yourself up for the rich, meaningful life you’ve been working so hard for.

By the end of your time with Sohailla, you’ll have the unique tools to align your actions with your vision for a fulfilling life without regret:

1- Uncover what "work-life satisfaction” means to you personally, without feelings of guilt, comparison, or unworthiness.

2- Discover how to release control of energy-draining tasks and burdensome perfectionism that detract from your fullest potential.

3- Unlock key strategies that will be a turning point to streamlining your week and the landscape of your life.

"As a physician, I know what to do. I’ve struggled with poor eating, daily wine, and lack of exercise. Sohailla has helped me to prioritize my own self-care, assess my priorities, and make a plan that focuses on what I want most from life. She impacted my fellow colleagues when speaking for our event as well – even the skeptical ones who didn’t think they would benefit from a talk about balance were saying afterwards that they really needed this talk.”

Beth Killebrew, MD

OBNET Women's Healthcare Network

Progress over Perfection:

Move Forward without Regret

You may have heard “perfection is the enemy of progress.” Perfectionism is a static trap that keeps many would-be successful health and wellness professionals from taking flight.

Making headway on your big goals and dreams includes navigating pressures and expectations, knowing what to prioritize, and then the hardest part: leaning into imperfectly perfect progress as you forge ahead.

Don’t keep letting perfectionism stifle your achievements and cause you to miss opportunities. 

Sohailla’s session will reset your mindset so you can strategically accelerate the outcomes that maximize your potential

1- Discover the barriers holding you back from next-level confidence and reshape your mindset to support your leap into your most successful season of life yet.

2- Evaluate pressures and break free from the “rules” that don’t serve you so you can customize your own roadmap for more impact, influence, and income.

3- Investigate the faulty-logic of perfectionism and retrain your inner-coach to transform unexpected challenges into opportunities for healthy achievement.

"Attending Sohailla’s talk has been life changing, not only for me but for the many people I have been able to reach with her message. You don’t want to miss hearing what Sohailla has to share.

Rhonda Weathers

Integrative Rx Health & Wellness Consultants, TX